KEMET U2J AEC-Q200 MLCCs are surface-mount capacitors featuring a maximum operating temperature of +125°C and are considered stable. The Electronics Industries Alliance (EIA) characterizes the U2J dielectric as a Class I material. The components of this classification are temperature compensating and are suited for resonant circuit applications or those where Q and stability of capacitance characteristics are required. KEMET U2J AEC-Q200 MLCCs feature a highly stable dielectric material that exhibits a negligible shift in capacitance concerning voltage. These capacitors also offer a predictable and linear change in capacitance regarding ambient temperature with no aging effect. The U2J capacitors operate at a DC voltage rating of up to 100V and retain over 99% of nominal capacitance at full rated voltage.

KEMET U2J AEC-Q200 capacitors meet AEC–Q200 qualification requirements. Typical applications include pulse circuits, power conversion, wireless charging, and decoupling.


  • Up to 470nF capacitance range
  • Up to 100V DC voltage ratings
  • Up to 10x increase in capacitance versus C0G
  • Extremely low effective series resistance (ESR)
  • Extremely low effective series inductance (ESL)
  • High ripple current capability
  • Low noise solution similar to C0G
  • Retains over 99% of nominal capacitance at full rated voltage
  • Small predictable and linear capacitance change with respect to temperature
  • -55°C to +125°C operating temperature range
  • AEC-Q200 automotive qualified
  • RoHS and REACH compliant


  • Wireless charging
  • Resonant LLC converters
  • Power conversion
  • Pulse circuits
  • High ripple current
  • Critical timing
  • Decoupling
  • Transient voltage suppression

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Mechanical Drawing - KEMET U2J AEC-Q200 MLCCs
Publicerad: 2019-01-09 | Uppdaterad: 2023-08-23