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Bench Talk for Design Engineers

Bench Talk


Bench Talk for Design Engineers | The Official Blog of Mouser Electronics

How AI Optimizes the Design of Transportation Management Systems Adam Kimmel
AI-enhanced TMS reshapes logistics, maximizing cost-savings and speeding up delivery times. Simultaneously, it promotes eco-friendly practices by minimizing carbon footprints.

New Tech Tuesdays: Electrification in Heavy Machinery and Equipment: Leading the Charge with TE PowerTube Connectors Rudy Ramos
Dive into the electrification evolution of heavy machinery and discover how OEM heavyweights are paving the way. TE's PowerTube Connectors from the HIVONEX portfolio ensure safe, efficient, and powerful transitions. Discover more in this electrifying revelation of machinery's future.

7 Ways AI Revolutionizes Data Centers Jon Gabay
AI displays its prowess as it emerges into many disciplines. One potentially important area is the data center. AI’s learned behaviors and patterns can help manage data center scheduling, throughput, and energy usage while providing a potentially higher level of security and threat mitigation.

Overcoming the Limitations of PIR Sensors with TMOS Technology STMicroelectronics
Learn how Thermal Metal Oxide Semiconductor (TMOS) technology improves on conventional PIR sensor technology by detecting human motion and presence using a highly accurate measurable response to minimal infrared radiation, whether the person is moving or still.

New Tech Tuesdays: From Training to Treatment: The Broad Spectrum of AR in Dentistry Rudy Ramos
The integration of AR and advanced 3D imaging technology into the dental sector showcases a pivotal shift towards enhanced patient care and advanced training methods, where patients are more informed, professionals more equipped, and treatment outcomes more predictable.

Soft Termination Products for Reliable Vehicle Electronics TDK
Reliability is becoming increasingly important to meet the ISO 26262 standard for functional safety in automotive electronics. In this blog, we explain how using a conductive soft resin-polymer as the thermo-mechanical shock absorber improves connection reliability compared to conventional electrodes.

New Tech Tuesdays: Nickel-Hydrogen Batteries: A Legacy of NASA’s Space Missions Shaping Modern Energy Solutions Rudy Ramos
Nickel-hydrogen batteries may be old technology, but they continue to prove their worth. This tried-and-true battery design merges lessons from NASA's legacy technology with modern applications, providing energy solutions that bridge the gap between reliability, sustainability, and efficiency.

IIoT Potential with Edge Computing TE Connectivity
Edge computing decentralizes data processing to help reduce central system gridlock, boosting efficiency in sectors like healthcare and agriculture. Challenges include IIoT device durability and data privacy. TE Connectivity (TE) provides products that help to optimize edge computing, addressing space constraints and reliability.

New Tech Tuesdays: The Microchip AVR64DD32: Pressure-Controlled LEDs and the Magic of MCUs Rudy Ramos
Microcontrollers are essential components in modern technology, controlling devices from wearables to automotive systems. They are self-contained, single-chip computers, often embedded within devices for specific tasks like the Microchip AVR64DD32 Pressure Demo, centered around the AVR64DD32 MCU.

Edge Impulse Fundamentals Part Five Mike Parks
Part 5 of the Edge Impulse Fundamentals series looks at the processes and tools Edge Impulse provides to analyze ML model performance.

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